The Meraki

The beautiful curves of the Meraki allow for a larger volume of water meaning a much more purified and smooth experience.


Quality Redefined

The Meraki takes its name from the modern Greeks it is used to define doing something with creativity, soul and love. They would often refer to it as putting “something of yourself” into your craft. We feel there could not be a better description for this piece.

High quality Borosilicate glass with a melting point of 820℃

This product is guaranteed by the abraxian legacy promise

Height: 280mm, Mouthpiece Diameter: 45mm, Base Diameter: 130mm

Beautifully packaged in protective foam lined box for safe storage

The elegant hand-blown curves that form the conical base allow for a substantial volume of water to filter, cool and purify creating a truly sublime experience. View the product gallery below.

Each Abraxian kit includes the Meraki glass body, diffusing downstem, borosilicate cone piece, our signature zinc alloy grinder, a quad-flame blow torch and a borosilicate heat wand.


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