The Elysian

A beautiful and classic design, Simple, elegant and always faithful. An extremely robust piece with a thick sturdy base.


Quality Redefined

The Elysian takes its name from the Greek language, when translated it describes Beauty, Creativity, or a feeling of complete blissfulness. This is exactly what we have aimed to create with this piece.

High quality Borosilicate glass with a melting point of 820℃

This product is guaranteed by the abraxian legacy promise

Height: 300mm, Mouthpiece Diameter: 45mm, Base Diameter: 120mm

Beautifully packaged in protective foam lined box for safe storage

This is our take on a classic design, the Elysian boasts sleek straight lines flowing in to a robust and sturdy base creating a truly exceptional piece. View the product gallery below.

Each Abraxian kit includes the Elysian glass body, diffusing downstem, borosilicate cone piece, our signature zinc alloy grinder, a quad-flame blow torch and a borosilicate heat wand.


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